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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 4734/23/2019

    Future intent divorce wording
    Assalamualaikum, I live with my Husband and alham-dulillah we have 3 kids. Ever since we got married, anytime we get into argument my Husband says that I will give you Divorce but never said I am giving you Divorce. After he clams down he is...
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    Permissible and ImpermissibleQue.ID 4718/14/2019

    Trimming eyebrows
    Assalamualaikum, Is it permissible to trim the excess hair from the eyebrows to make them back to a more normal size?
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    WorshipQue.ID 4708/14/2019

    If bleeding/istihaza during purity days
    Assalamualaikum, If a woman got her menstruation from January 1st to January 7th. Then on January 15th , 16th, 17th she got bleeding, which she will consider as istihaza . Will she start count of her purity days from January 18th (and consider 15...
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    WorshipQue.ID 4698/14/2019

    Fidyah for prayers of 20 years
    Assalamualaikum, I have a question regarding my father who passed away. He has 20 years of qaza prayers. If we have to pay his fidyah, how much would it be? Jazakallah
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    WorshipQue.ID 4687/5/2019

    Assalamualaikum, If ones wealth reaches more than nisab e zakat, and then one year later the same person has more than nisab e zakat,and he does not give zakat right away, rather he waits until a few weeks have passed, should he give zakat...
  • Que.ID 4667/5/2019

    Qasr Salat
    Assalamualikum, My son lives in Arlington Heights, IL and we live in Des Plaines, IL. Many times he flies to Utah andon his return trip from O'hare airport, he stops by at our house in Des Plaines.Should he pray Qasr or all four Rakats of Duhr,...
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    WorshipQue.ID 4656/21/2019

    Reality of the tradition performed after 40 days of baby birth...
    Assalamualaikum, I would like to know if this is acceptable in Shari'a. In this tradition, 40 days after the baby isbornwomen go to some other relative's house and take bath to become pure so that they can pray, as per some people's assumption...
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    Dealings and TransactionsQue.ID 4645/10/2019

    Principles of Will - Islamic Estate Planning Compliance Inquiry
    Assalamualaikum, I am requesting verification and certification, so that we make proceed with your blessings and the blessings of Allah SWT, to complete, assess, document, and draft, Sharia compliant wills (Wasiyah) according to the islamic...
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    WorshipQue.ID 4635/1/2019

    Fasting during pregnancy and nursing
    Assalamualaikum, My wife is pregnant and she is due some time by the end of Ramadan. Is she allowed to fast in the month of Ramadan? If she misses the fasting, can she make it up while she is nursing the baby? Jazakallah
  • Que.ID 4625/1/2019

    Wearing clothes dua
    Assalamualaikum, I want to know about this dua whether it is right or wrong, Alhamdulil laahil lazee kasaanee haazaa wa razaqaneehi min ghairi haulim minnee walaa quw-wah. Please send me this dua in Arabic words and also send me duaa for wearing...